Entertainment Matters Practice Areas

  1. Artists, Music Professionals, & The Recording Industry: We represent artists, music professionals (e.g. producers, managers), and the recording industry (music executives and independent labels). We also negotiate with the recording industry on behalf of our clients entering into major record label contracts. Our representative services include:
    • recording contracts (including 360 deals), producer agreements, management deals
    • imprint deals / joint ventures (pressing and distribution) and independent label start up
    • music executive employment terms
    • internal band agreements
  2. Songwriters & Music Publishing: Our Entertainment Matters Practice Group also works with songwriters, producers, and music publishing companies.
    • music publishing contracts (and exclusive songwriter agreements)
    • song licensing and mechanical licensing management
    • songwriter collaborations and producer songwriter credits
  3. Television, Film, & Animation: We represent the various talents of the television and film academies, as well as the burgeoning animation and digital effects industries.
    • talent agreements, writer/production staff terms, and executive employment agreements
    • private placement memorandums, option/acquisition contracts, broadcast/cable deals
    • rights clearance, attorney opinion
  4. The Performing Arts (Design, Dance, Art): Our Entertainment Matters Practice Group encompasses all of the performing arts. Whether you are a professional performer, singer, artist, or designer, our firm will represent your interests and establish a long-term business infrastructure to ensure career longevity.
  5. Book Publishing: We represent writers, independent book publishers, and rights acquisition professionals.
    • book publishing agreements
    • independent publisher start up
    • book to film (and other media) rights acquisition
  6. New Media & Digital Rights: Our New Media & Digital Rights practice area offers our clients representation in navigating through the ever-evolving new medias and technologies. Many times, we are assisting our clients in breaking new ground – developing legal structures and licensing deals that keep up with and anticipate the changing business models.
    • digital rights licensing and compliance (e.g. video game, ringtones, sound recordings)
    • e-commerce and website user click-through agreements
    • business structuring and strategic alliance agreements
  7. Food Artistry: Beame & Mencher LLP’s Food Artistry practice group represents celebrity chefs, food artisans, cookbook writers, culinary professionals, and food-focused media production companies.
    • Public Appearances – Television, Cooking Demonstrations, Online Blogging & Video Production
    • Cookbook / Food Writing – Publishing Agreements
    • Branding – Business Strategy, Intellectual Property Management, Trademark Registration
    • Production – Television Production Contracts, Reality Programming, Work-For-Hire Agreements
    • Sponsorship Arrangements – Sponsorship Agreements, Endorsement Deals
    • Business Start-Up – Entity Formation, Strategic Planning