Business Start Up & Entrepreneurial Services

Our Business Start Up practice group combines traditional business representation and on-going career advisement with a strong understanding of the entrepreneurial process. In addition to forming business entities and drafting internal operating agreements, our attorneys work directly with you to expand your career through strategic growth opportunities. As an artist, entrepreneur, or entertainment executive, focusing on your craft should be priority number one. We will provide you a strong foundation, a trusted relationship, and serve as a member of your team – so that you can devote 100% of your energy to doing what you do.

Our representation is bolstered by the always-growing network of contacts and relationships we’ve developed over the years.

Business Start Up & Entrepreneurial Services include:

  • The Business Formation Center (advisement on and formation of business entities).
  • Drafting of all internal business operating documents.
  • Joint venture agreements, strategic partnerships, imprint record label structuring.
  • Strategic planning and career advisement for start up concepts.
  • Review of existing documents, dispute resolution, attorney opinion.