The Importance of Trademark Registration

Your brand name is perhaps your business’s most important asset. A name, logo, or other identifying feature separates your business from the competition – it marks your territory (so to speak). Protecting your “mark” should be priority number one. Consider this: If you start a business in 2010, begin using your mark locally, and then start expanding into other regions of the country in 2011; if another business has begun using the same mark in a region before you enter it, you can be prohibited from using your mark in that region. How much time and money have you already spent in the development of your mark? How much do you think it will cost you to buy out the other business so that you can continue with your expansion? The answer to both questions is likely A LOT! With our CTR, you will avoid this scenario altogether – whether it be in first choosing a mark that will obtain national protections OR in being the first mark to file a trademark application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

Not convinced? Take the above scenario, and now assume you obtain federal trademark registration for your mark after the other business began using the same mark in another region. Even with federal registration, you can be prohibited from using your mark in that region.

Let’s go one step further: Same scenario as above, but instead of you obtaining federal trademark registration, the other business obtains federal registration. Even though they began using the mark after you in a different region, if they file for federal registration before you, you will not only be prohibited from using your mark in that region, you will be prohibited from using your mark every where else in the country. You will be locked in.

The list of potential pitfalls is endless. Imagine selecting a name for your business only to receive a letter a few months later demanding that you cease using that particular name because another party already has a federal registration for it. It happens all the time. We strongly advise you to be proactive - take the necessary steps now to start and develop your business’s (or product’s) identity. It will not only save you time and money in the future, it will establish a strong infrastructure for your company to leverage as it grows.