Comprehensive Trademark Representation (CTR)

At Beame & Mencher, LLP, we make obtaining a federal trademark easy and affordable. Unlike other law firms (that charge you by the hour without a cap) or automated trademark filing services (that simply file an application without providing in-depth analysis and advisement to you through the process), we will represent you from initial consultation to delivery of your trademark registration certificate. Our CTR, is all-inclusive of services described in Steps to Obtaining Federal Trademark Registration, and only costs $1,600.00 per application*.

Our fee does not include the following costs and expenses associated with your trademark application:

  1. U.S. Patent & Trademark Filing Fee: The USPTO filing fee is currently $225-$325 per class (depending on which application is best suitable for your needs).
  2. Intent-to-Use Filing Fee: In the event you file an ITU application in the first instance, there will be an additional $100 filing fee upon preliminary approval of your mark.
  3. Comprehensive Name Search: This expense ranges from $299 to $600, depending on the scope of your search.
  4. Official Response to Substantive Office Action**: A Substantive Office Action is a refusal of your trademark application based on statutory prohibitions, such as a failure to meet the threshold of distinctiveness (descriptive or generic marks), a finding of likelihood of confusion, surnames, false suggestion of connection, or scandalous marks. An Official Response to these actions range from $500 to $2500 depending on the response required.

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*The “per application” fee includes up to two (2) class descriptions per application. Additional class filings under one application are $200 per class.

**Non-substantive USPTO office actions are included in CTR and generally includes clarification or amendment of the application in order to place it in proper condition for publication (e.g. problems with the identification of goods or services, the legal entity status or citizenship of the applicant, improper specimens, or improper dates of use).