Lose The Uncertainty, Draft A Songwriter Collaboration Agreement

The Art of Collaboration: Understanding Joint Ownership

What’s on the same level of greatness as a cheesesteak from Philly’s Pat’s King of Steaks or a pastrami sandwich from NY’s Katz’s Deli?  You know, that eye-rolling “oh yaa” moment right when you take your first bite.  How about a perfectly crafted song, one where the music, […]

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Brian Mencher, partner in the entertainment law firm of Beame & Mencher LLP, will be speaking at the Artist Manager Conference (AMCON2010) in New York City on October 14th-15th. He’ll then be presenting Songwriters Law Seminar at New Noise in Santa Barbara on November 4th-6th. Songwriters Law Seminar is a three-part series (or one day […]

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Songwriters Law Seminar comes to Los Angeles!

Please join Beame & Mencher LLP in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 from 4:00pm – 9:00pm for Songwriters Law Seminar – a three-part series exploring the business of music, songwriters, and music publishing. Songwriters Law Seminar will be hosted by HoriPro Entertainment, an international music publishing company, and will […]

Songwriters Law Seminar through 1st round of SXSW Panel Picker!

Beame & Mencher LLP recently submitted our Songwriters Law Seminar for consideration to SXSW2011. We made in through the 1st round! Read the description below, and then go to the SXSW Panel Picker to give our panel a “thumbs up”. Coming off a great NYC debut, the Songwriters Law Seminar is an informative presentation given […]

Songwriters Law Seminar – Part Three

Songwriters Law Seminar – Part Three

Singer-Songwriters & Recording Agreements: Implications on Publishing

On July 17th, please join the law firm of Beame & Mencher LLP for Part Three of the Songwriters Law Seminar. The event will take place at The Living Room in New York City from 4:30p-6:30p. To register, click here.

Part Three of the Songwriters […]

The Songwriters Agreement

Songwriters Law Seminar

On Saturday, May 15th, 2010, Beame & Mencher LLP hosted the first part of the Songwriters Law Seminar at The Living Room in New York City. Part One, entitled “Copyright & Collaboration: Protecting Your Work & Earning Money”, explored the role of copyright law to the songwriting process and the business […]