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Songwriters Law Seminar comes to Los Angeles!

Please join Beame & Mencher LLP in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 from 4:00pm – 9:00pm for Songwriters Law Seminar – a three-part series exploring the business of music, songwriters, and music publishing. Songwriters Law Seminar will be hosted by HoriPro Entertainment, an international music publishing company, and will […]

Songwriters Law Seminar – Part Three

Songwriters Law Seminar – Part Three

Singer-Songwriters & Recording Agreements: Implications on Publishing

On July 17th, please join the law firm of Beame & Mencher LLP for Part Three of the Songwriters Law Seminar. The event will take place at The Living Room in New York City from 4:30p-6:30p. To register, click here.

Part Three of the Songwriters […]

Discussing New Media & Technology at Grammy Event

Embracing New Media & Technology at Grammy Event

On June 4th, 2010, David Beame was invited to speak at the Florida Chapter of the National Academy for the Recording Arts and Sciences (the organization that hosts the Grammy Awards). The panel, entitled “Brave New World: Music in the E-Marketplace” explored the use of new technologies and […]

The Lawyers Role in

The Lawyers Role in “Shopping” the Music Deal

In the music business, connections rule the day.

And entertainment lawyers are some of the most connected professionals in the industry. An established entertainment lawyer can streamline your demo direct to the decision-makers… but too often, musicians overly rely on the role of lawyer in “shopping” the music deal. […]

‘American Idol’ Winners Collect Big Bucks as Well as Fame, huh?

Sitting on your couch, dedicating two (or more) hours per week watching American Idol, you probably assume that the contestants are instant millionaires just for making it on the show – that all of them will sign 7 digit recording contracts, sell thousands of dollars in merchandise every month, and headline all the major tours […]