Lose The Uncertainty, Draft A Songwriter Collaboration Agreement

The Art of Collaboration: Understanding Joint Ownership

What’s on the same level of greatness as a cheesesteak from Philly’s Pat’s King of Steaks or a pastrami sandwich from NY’s Katz’s Deli?  You know, that eye-rolling “oh yaa” moment right when you take your first bite.  How about a perfectly crafted song, one where the music, […]

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The New Media Generation: Advice on Getting Started

The steady advancement of technology has led to a growing number of emerging new businesses whose products and services are very tech-heavy.  “New media” is a generic term describing technologies that digitally convey information, which used to be communicated through traditional forms of media (radio, television, print and […]

Brian Mencher, partner at Beame & Mencher LLP, to speak at SXSW

Brian Mencher was invited to speak at SXSW Music in Austin, TX this March. He will be speaking on “The Most Important Back-Up Instruments for a Baby Band” at the Continuing Legal Education program at South by Southwest on March 19th at 3:30pm.

South By Southwest, in conjunction with Lommen Abdo Law Firm, will present […]

On the 4th Day of Music Law...

Music Branding 101 (Part Two) – The Importance of ®.

This is part two in a series on Music Branding. In Part One, “putting the “r” in band, we introduced the idea that bands need to be brands. In this part, we discuss the importance of obtaining national protections to your band, uh brand, name through trademark registration with the […]

On the 3rd Day of Music Law...

a review of publishing deals.

While the past ten years have witnessed seismic shifts in the music industry, music publishers have remained (somewhat) even keel. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve faced their own challenges (for one, loss of mechanical revenues). They haven’t, however, felt it as deeply as the recording side of the industry. While a […]

On the 2nd Day of Music Law...

licensing for video games.

In many respects, licensing for video games is similar to licensing for other traditional medias, such as commercials, television shows, and films. It is placement of a musical work (i.e. synchronization license) and, oftentimes, the master recording (i.e. master use license) in timed synchronization with visual images. For a discussion of the […]

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Brian Mencher, partner in the entertainment law firm of Beame & Mencher LLP, will be speaking at the Artist Manager Conference (AMCON2010) in New York City on October 14th-15th. He’ll then be presenting Songwriters Law Seminar at New Noise in Santa Barbara on November 4th-6th. Songwriters Law Seminar is a three-part series (or one day […]

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Songwriters Law Seminar comes to Los Angeles!

Please join Beame & Mencher LLP in Los Angeles, California on Sunday, November 7th, 2010 from 4:00pm – 9:00pm for Songwriters Law Seminar – a three-part series exploring the business of music, songwriters, and music publishing. Songwriters Law Seminar will be hosted by HoriPro Entertainment, an international music publishing company, and will […]

The Artist-Management Agreement

“Just ’cause they’re your manager don’t mean they ain’t jacking your ass.”
-Bo$$, former Def Jam artist (quoted from the book, Def Jam, Inc.)

Okay, so maybe there is a love/hate relationship between artists and their managers. But, at the end of the day, a (good) music manager enables the artist to focus on the craft of […]

Music Branding 101 (Part One) - Putting the ® in Band

Long gone are the days when a band could just be a band – when the record label executive whispers in your ear, “I hope you’re ready, kid, because you’re about to go on one hell of a ride” (quote from Roulette Records founder Morris Levy, from the book “Me, the Mob, and the Music” […]